The Benefits of Coffee

Recently, there have been numerous studies indicating that drinking three cups of coffee per day may be beneficial to health rather than cause other health problems. There has often been a grey area associated with coffee and caffeine and the study sheds some more light onto this area.

“Roasted coffee is a complex mixture of over 1000 bioactive compounds, some with potentially therapeutic antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifibrotic, or anticancer effects that provide biological plausibility for recent epidemiological associations.”

The study showed that there were 19 positive outcomes, 6 negative outcomes and 34 neutral health outcomes to drinking coffee. It is clear that the positives outweigh the negatives, however due to the small sample size and high frequency of neutral results we simply cannot ascertain whether or not the consumption of caffeine is positive, for now it has a ‘clean bill of health’.

Coffee consumption is associated with a decrease in rates of death associated with cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease and stroke. The study has shown that the largest reduction in health risks occurs when someone drinks three cups of coffee per day. There were also variations in accordance with sex. Women often received greater benefits from drinking coffee for coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease however the reduction of risk of stroke had a more pronounced affect in men.

There was an overall reduction in risk of cancer for coffee drinkers however this varied with whether or not the person was a smoker or not. “In a separate article, in non-smokers there was a 2% lower risk of mortality from cancer for exposure of one extra cup a day.”

There were negative associations with drinking coffee when pregnant and an increase risk of fracture in women. At present data available is of low quality and many believe that randomised control trials will be needed to accurately research this area.



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