Prostate Cancer and MRI Scanning

One of the biggest advances in cancer diagnosis occurred this week, in regards to the detection of prostate cancer using MRI scanning techniques, which eliminates the need for a biopsy. Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men and affects millions of families each year.

The Prostate MRI Imaging Study (Promis), led by researchers at University College London (UCL), also showed that more than a quarter (27%) of all men with suspected cancer could avoid a biopsy altogether.

After the trial on 576 men, results showed that more than a quarter of them could be spared from invasive biopsies that often lead to side effects.  The trial, showed 27% of the men did not need a biopsy at all. 11 British hospitals took part in the trial. 93% of aggressive cancer’s were detected using an MRI compared to only 48% using biopsies.

However overall 40% of results could be interpreted as incorrect as in some cases the MRI shows up and gives an all clear when in fact there is a cancerous element to the prostate.

More extensive testing needs to be done until this type of treatment is used on a wider scale worldwide.



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