Chronic Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is usually picked up by blood and urine tests and is when the kidney function deteriorates, which can lead to kidney failure.

Symptoms include:

  • Tiredness
  • Blood in urine
  • Shortness of breath
  • Swollen ankles
  • Weight loss
  • Itchy skin
  • Headaches

Chronic Kidney disease has a variety of causes which include:

  • High Blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney infections
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Long term, regular use of certain medicines

There is no cure for chronic kidney disease, but sufferers can alleviate symptoms by changing their lifestyle, taking medication, undergoing dialysis or having a kidney transplant. The disease can leave sufferers to live a perfectly normal life with very few symptoms or can result in kidney disease. Those with kidney disease are at a higher rate of developing cardiovascular diseases.




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