Vaccination is the appropriate addition of disease antigens into the body through injection or by mouth, in order to stimulate an immune response against a disease. The introduced material is called a vaccine.

The antigens, which are small proteins on the surface of cells, stimulate an immune response, producing memory cells. This results in the rapid production of antibodies which mean that the next time someone encounters the disease they may not even experience any symptoms.

Immunisation can save lives and lead to herd immunity which eventually leads to the eradication of the disease. Despite, apprehensions, vaccinations are in fact incredibly safe and effective. Around 15 years ago, millions of parents were caught in a fear mongering scandal which hinted at an idea that vaccination lead to autism in children of around 2-5 years old. However, in reality there was very little evidence of them actually being linked. Serious side effects are rare, however can occur. Immunisation aids to protect future generations from the diseases we suffer from today, for example, the smallpox vaccination has lead to the eradication of the diseases world wide.

Other reservations of vaccination, excluding fear of autism, include the fact that testing is carried out on animals such as mice and in some cases involves inducing cancer in some of the mice. This animal testing usually leads to the death of the mammal. Many vaccinations are also accompanied by unknown side effects which in some cases are only picked up upon when the vaccination is fed to the masses. It can also be very difficult to produce enough vaccinations for the population, whilst also being cost effective.



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